Networking workers will need to change their knowledge and skills because of the emergence of Software Defined Networking (SDN). SDN, and many other technologies, are making some fundamental shifts to how networkers design modern networks. That means networkers need to retool.

So, what is this blog? It’s a place to discuss how networkers can build skills for an SDN world.


Helping networkers learn what they need to know to get their jobs done is in my wiring. Almost every job I (Wendell) have ever had in 30+ years in networking has included at least some need to teach others about networking. That goes back to helping SNA-focused IBM networkers learn that new-fangled TCP/IP stuff back in the early 1990s even. And I love doing that kind of work. (See bio if you care for more about me.)

The answer to the “why” question is simple. I’m feeling the need to share things about SDN, things that can hopefully help us all figure out how to build our skills for this new world where SDN plays a key role. As with most blog spaces, it may end up as something else – but that’s the direction the blog is pointed.

Why You Might be Interested

Any search engine will show a large variety of recent posts about SDN, and I expect that trend will continue throughout the 2010s. With all that noise, why would you want to read this particular blog?

It’s really about skills. This blog space will hopefully help answer questions about how the average networker can be ready for SDN jobs in the future. Sitting here at the starting point of this blog, I expect to discuss questions like these:

  • How does SDN work – beyond separating the control and data plane?
  • What does SDN do that we can’t do with the same old networking stuff?
  • What should I, a networking professional, be doing (if anything) to be ready for SDN?
  • What are the key technologies to learn?
  • What other technologies integrate with SDN?
  • What organizations and companies play in the SDN game?
  • Is the story even about SDN as an end to itself, or is it just a piece of the puzzle?
  • What SDN use cases are getting traction in the market – and how do they really work?
  • What should I be learning now, and next after that?

In short, this SDN Skills blog discusses SDN, in relation to the skills you and I would need to work in a world where networking includes SDN as a normal and common part of a network.

Informal Version

Less formally… this is Wendell’s place to discuss SDN. I have blogged about Cisco Cert topics at Network World (blog ceased), as well as about the topics with the scope of Cisco’s CCENT and CCNA certifications in the CCENT Skills and CCNA Skills blogs. Posts about SDN didn’t fit elsewhere, and I knew I wanted to do more than a few… so I created this blog space.

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  1. Mario February 11, 14:48

    Hi Wendell,

    In your opinion, is CCIE still relevant in with the evolution of SDN? I understand a lot of the CLI tasks will be replaced with automation and programming.But how about the protocols themselves, ie BGP, MPLS, OSPF, etc, will one have to know CCIE level understanding of them or just a high level of understanding? Or will they even be replaced?



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