SDNSkills Plan Moving Forward

Wendell Odom
By Wendell Odom June 20, 2016 08:05

Hi to those of you subscribing and following. For those of you who have been watching of late, this is a brief note to let you know what’s going on, and what my plan is for ramping back up with writing posts here in this blogspace. Short version: I expect to be back to normal by August sometime, and I may post a few items here and there in the mean time.

Looking Backward

Those of you who follow me in Twitter and Facebook, or in my other blogs, have seen that I haven’t been idle in other parts of life. Basically, I got buried by work, and I had to clear my schedule of a few things. The first few things to go were my own learning plan (sadly) and an overall slowdown in reading materials outside of what book project I had going. Those self-study and reading activities generated most of the ideas for this blog, which created a spiral effect of having fewer ideas that would just take an hour or two to write up for this blog. So the next thing to go was adding content to this blog.

Oh yes, the books. For those who haven’t put it together, I’ve spent a good part of the last year writing hard and fast to get the next edition of those new CCNA R&S books out the door. That writing process slowly whittled away all optional work activities. When you have a work project that requires practically a year of your own time, and your own time is the only constraining resource on the project timeline, it puts a whole new perspective on deciding what tasks you must do and which are optional. And this blog is more of a labor of love rather than part of the core business, so there was no real business justification of finishing the new books a week later just to leave time to keep blogging here.


Looking Forward

So, what is the plan moving forward? Goal: August 2016, to attempt to get back to normal with this blog. I’ve just this week reached the point of no longer spending most of each day on tasks related to the CCNA books. That leaves about 6 weeks before August begins. While I dislike the hectic schedule when the CCNA books revise (I think the finished product is almost 2500 pages of content including all electronic copy, and over 3000 counting the new blog-based config labs), I do try and re-establish some balance when each project ends. So, I’ll be taking more than a little family time off, spending a week at Cisco Live (look for me if you are there), and doing a little catching up on various activities. So the current plan has me making my next go of it in this blogspace come August 2016.

I’m already brewing on some topics, admittedly Cisco-centric just because of where I’ve been spending my time in the last year. I expect to write a bit on Cisco’s APIC-EM (which is part of CCNA R&S now), my upcoming experience at Cisco Live with their DevNet Springboard event, Python learning again (got started again this week, reviewing Zed’s book), whatever else SDN comes forth from Cisco Live, and then start getting back into the broader world of SDN now that I have a more normal work life again. Looking forward to it!

If you have requests, let me know, I’ll see what I can do.

Also, I may toss in a few posts along the way depending on what else is going on – I’m already getting the itch. Thanks for your understanding!



A Deeper Look at Cisco’s SDN Certifications
Wendell Odom
By Wendell Odom June 20, 2016 08:05
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